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Chemical Process

KEYVA Process valve feature.

Technical innovation including the Patented Square bore ball valve or patented knife ball valves and partial control ball valves.

Bubble-Tight Seal testing.

The High-strength Belleville spring provides force to load the valve ball onto its seat. This design keeps the ball and seat together to contact forever and solves many of the problems related to buildup and corrosion in turning bearings and eliminates free space between ball and seat.

Live-loaded stem packing to limit outside leakage.

Operation pressures up to 30450 psi, and delta pressure up to 4350psi and Temperatures up to +1976F High cycle operation.

The standard ball and seat are of the same material and coating. Optioned HVOF Coating or Spray and fused coating or Nano coating technology supports against erosion or erosion/corrosion. KEYVA chooses different coating technology for different applications. This increases the surface hardness by a high magnitude metallurgical bond beyond that of conventional weld-overlay hardening techniques. The high surface hardness makes the sealing surfaces impervious to erosion and abrasion. The same base metal of ball and seat keeps the same heat expansion of the ball sealing surface. High temperature, high pressure, high solids or high cycles.

KEYVA provide valves to fit more operations flows in process as below:

  • Steam isolation or control
  • Catalyst isolation
  • Slurry isolation
  • Powder transportation isolation
  • Refining plant:

  • Coking
  • FCCU
  • CCR
  • H-Oil
  • UOP
  • Chemical Process:

  • Ethylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Chemical Processing Operations
  • Polyethylene Applications Include:

  • Isolation Valve
  • High-cycle valve (more than one million cycle)
  • Bleed valve and Block valve
  • KEYVA valve:

  • SB Series
  • KB Series
  • CB Series